From Dehesa de Salamanca to your table, we bring the best Iberian and acorn-fed sausages to all of Spain, Europe and the United Kingdom. Chorizo, Salchichón, Lomo... the essentials in your pantry are in VIANDAS

Acorn-fed Iberian loin 380 gr


380 gr. of Iberian acorn-fed loin, 50% Iberian breed. Available in sliced ​​loin and whole format. Weight 380 g. aprox.

    Spanish Salchichon Gran Reserva - 380 gr


    Third of Iberian salchichón Gran Reserva Viandas de la Dehesa de Salamanca. Approximate weight 380 grams. Also available in a 1.2 kilogram cane format or a 140 gram sachet.