With a firm commitment to the preservation of native and endangered species, Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm creamery follows the principles of sustainability, with completely natural production. We are producers and the control process until the end customer is guaranteed by the quality and excellence of our products

Donkey milk cheese


Viandas Donkey Milk Cheese direct from Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm. Wedge 200 gr

    Semi-cured goat cheese


    Semi-cured goat cheese made from raw goat milk. We recommend bringing it to room temperature to fully enjoy its flavour and aroma. 200 gr. aprox.

      Semi-cured sheep cheese - 200g


      Semi-cured Sheep Cheese Viandas Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm. Wedge 200 grams. Also available in 450 gram weight format and 900 gram whole piece.

        Semi-cured sheep - 450 gr


        Semi-cured sheep's cheese. Weight 450 grams. Direct production from the Hacienda Zorita organic farm. More formats available.

          Cured sheep cheese 2,7 kg


          Large cured sheep's cheese, size 2.7 kg, especially recommended for hospitality, catering or mass consumption. More sizes available.

            Cured sheep cheese 900g


            Hacienda Zorita Organic Farm cured sheep cheese. Viandas whole cheese with case, perfect for giving as a gift. More formats available. 900 gr. aprox.

              Cured sheep cheese - 200 gr - case


              Cured sheep cheese with case, ideal gift presentation. Wedge 200 grams. Also available without case, in 450 grams, 900 grams or 3 kilograms format.